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The Haberman Educational Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 based in Houston, TX, and was chartered in 1994 to promote and disseminate the research of Dr. Martin Haberman. The unified and single goal of the Haberman Educational Foundation is to teach and implement research-based models for identifying teachers and principals, particularly educators who serve students at risk and in poverty. more ...

Congratulations to Delia Stafford recognized as an Elite American Educator

Houston, TX, Delia Stafford, President & CEO of The Haberman Educational Foundation, Inc, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements and leadership in developing educational programs for impoverished and at-risk youth.

Ms. Stafford got involved with the organization after directed the nation’s largest school district-based alternative teacher certification program in Houston Independent School District. She decided, with her experience, to establish The Haberman Educational Foundation. It was founded in 1994 for the purpose of making visible and lasting improvements in the education of America’s 15 million diverse children in poverty. The Haberman Educational Foundation is a nonprofit educational foundation that conducts training for site-based teams, which may include superintendents, principals, teachers, and parents to select teacher and principal candidates for positions in schools who will empower students in poverty and in at-risk situations.

For her exceptional work and dedication to the field, she was twice recognized at White House ceremonies for her success in that program and her advocacy in finding good teachers for children at risk and in poverty. Ms. Stafford has studied the subject extensively and has published various articles on urban school district-based teacher education, violence prevention, beliefs of effective teachers, student resilience, and research implementation. Her passion for education and contributing to society has enabled Ms. Stafford to excel in the education field. She hopes that she will be able to contribute to the field through reaching out to other students internationally.

Aspiring Leaders Workshop

Would you like the aspiring leaders or assistant principals in your district to have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader in urban schools? The Aspiring Leaders’ Workshop is just for you! Experienced, successful educational leaders are available through the Foundation to take your “future stars” through a journey of self-reflection, impactful practice and outcomes-driven leadership. Using Dr. Haberman’s extensive research into excellent principal performance, aspiring leaders will be actively engaged in case studies, discussions, and analysis of what it takes to lead today's schools. Participants will reflect on their own values and beliefs about leadership in new ways and apply that to being high performing school leaders. The Aspiring Leaders' makes a great opening or culminating event for your aspiring leaders’ academies or an opportunity for new school leaders to get off to a great start.

The Haberman Foundation’s one day experience can be expanded or tailored to the needs of your district. This makes a great springboard to future training on the Star Principal Interview so that your district leaders can deeply study applicants’ values and beliefs in new ways that will help in selecting high performing leaders.

Call or e-mail the foundation today for workshop dates in 2015!

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"The Haberman pre-screener allows us to identify candidates with the POTENTIAL to become excellent teachers and develop a professional plan to make sure they reach that potential."
Randy Dowell, School Leader KIPP Academy Nashville.

The Martin Haberman Library for Social Justice Teaching

[Video] Opening of the Martin Haberman Library at MTEA

Proposal to School Districts and
Corporate America 2012-2016

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Accelerated Learning Framework
for 21st Century High Schools Date:

Dr.Barry Stern Senior Advisor Haberman Educational Foundation

The Haberman Educational Foundation is pleased to bring national attention to not only looming skill shortages in the trades and STEM careers, but also to the lack of hands-on know-how and entrepreneurism among too many of today’s young professionals. With millions retiring in these fields over the next few years and dangerously few in the educational pipeline to take their places, a continuing skilled worker shortage would cause many companies to shrink when we need them to grow.

Commensurate with the “hands-on nation” solution envisioned by many, the Haberman Foundation is pursuing a strategy of practical action that starts with re-training educators to teach more holistically and experientially and to implement programs that replace the traditional industrial era school design with those that simulate today’s team-oriented, collaborative high performance workplace.

One such model is the Fast Break accelerated learning program. This intensive, computer-assisted, cross-disciplinary, highly experiential, project- and competency-based program requires instructors to team teach and integrate instruction in math, reading, communications, employability, and computer applications. It also incorporates career planning and soft skills such as teamwork, customer service, interpersonal relations, conflict resolution and other job readiness skills informed by thinking styles and needs-based communication (emotional intelligence). The results are outstanding – 2-3 grade level gains in reading and math in just 8-16 weeks, and 80 percent placement into jobs or college without needing remedial training.

The program truly engages students, accommodates large classes quite well and produces more learning per dollars spent than other programs. The federal government and two states invested millions in developing and demonstrating the model. The Haberman Educational Foundation trains teachers and administrators in how to implement it.

With enough programs like Fast Break in high schools and colleges, the U.S. can increase dramatically the pool of young people prepared and ready to enter advanced training in the skilled and STEM occupations so necessary for our future prosperity.

Request. In 2013-14 the Haberman Foundation (HEF) is looking to implement Fast Break in a few high schools and community colleges. Links to materials that describe Fast Break, its principles, premises and costs appear on this website. For further information contact: Dr. Barry Stern, HEF Senior Adviser at bsels@aol.com 540-751-0601 or Bill Stierle, (www.billstierle.com) 310-433-8380.

Need Help Selecting Your Next Superintendent!

No school district can be better than its teachers and principals. In order for a superintendent to be an effective school leader, s/he must know how to secure maximum effort and results from the current professional staff and how to recruit and hire even more effective personnel when there are vacancies. more ...

Book Announcement

Dr. Haberman’s book, Star Teachers: the Ideology and Best Practice of Effective Teachers of Diverse Children and Youth in Poverty represents four decades of on-going research. more ...

Book Announcement

by Karin Chenoweth and Christina Theokas, describes in clear and helpful detail what leaders of successful high-poverty and high-minority schools have done to promote and sustain student achievement. more ...


Reprinted from Hope for Children in Poverty: Profiles and Possibilities edited by Ronald J. Side and Heidi Unruh, copyright © 2007 by Judson Press. Used by permission of Judson Press.

Educating Children in Poverty:The very title, “Educating Children in Poverty,” here presents what one could easily think of as a daunting or impossible vision. When one considers the large numbers of children in poverty in America as well as internationally, the count feels overwhelming: fifteen million children live in poverty in our country. more ...

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