Haberman Foundation and Harvard Graduate School of Education complete a Collaborative Effort
Can You Recognize an Effective Teacher When You Recruit One?
This is a recent study, entitled, "Can You Recognize an Effective Teacher When You Recruit One?" conducted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The study included 400 of thenew teachers in the New York City schools and began in 2006 and concluded in late 2008. The study revealed statistically significant positive correlations between scores on the Haberman Star Teacher Online Pre-screener and math achievement, teacher retention, fewer teacher absences and the evaluations of observers.
I don't know of any study, of any instrument, that has been so carefully evaluated using such an elaborate statistical model. We appreciate being included in this important study. No school can be better than the teachers and principals who work to serve the children and youth of America.
Martin Haberman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, UWM

Delia Stafford
President & CEO
Haberman Foundation

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Harvard Study

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