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A school is only as good as its principal. This quip forms the thesis of Better Principals as it provides a bird’s eye view on the enactment of Haberman’s eleven core functions of a star principal. These illustrative book chapters will emphasize the execution of the star principal ideology. Also, each chapter will contain reflection questions for discussion to remind us all why selecting quality principals must be paramount when hiring school leaders.

Better Principals, is part of a two volume series and these books are imperative for two main reasons. First, the achievement gap between 20 million children in poverty and their mainstream counterparts is continuing to become even wider. Many students are constantly subjected to inequality of educational opportunity, which limits their future opportunities. Second, Haberman is one of the most prolific producers of teachers and administrators of the twentieth century (and into the twenty-first century). He reminds us that quality school systems, with quality teachers and leaders, benefit our society. Haberman noted that there is a fallacy of ‘highly qualified’ school staff as he discovered that an elevated percentage of administrators are underprepared to work effectively with faculty and underserved students. Haberman explained that there is often selection blindness when it comes to identifying school leaders, and this deficiency has many negative consequences for education in general, and learners in particular. Haberman has generated theories, training programs and tools to help make substantive changes needed to produce better schools. This volume shares the personal stories of ‘stars’.




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