A word about "Star Teacher"

Dr. Haberman’s book, Star Teachers: The Ideology and Best Practices of Effective Teachers Serving Diverse Student in Poverty represents four decades of on-going research. On November 2004, he received the prestigious Columbia University Education Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Arthur Levine, President, Columbia University stated (in part):

“Martin Haberman… Your Milwaukee Intern Program became the basis of the National Teacher Corps under President Johnson. During five decades you have served as an advisor on alternative certification programs to universities, cities , states and the nation. Indeed, no one has developed more teacher education programs or exerted a broader impact on teacher preparation than you--- and you have brought a special passion to seeking the most effective ways of selecting and preparing teachers who can work successfully with diverse, low-income children in city schools..”

We at the Haberman Educational Foundation are pleased to disseminate the work of this distinguished educator. The Foundation has had a remarkable impact in the last ten years and our efforts are making an impact in school districts nationally for those who are searching for better ways to find the “Star” teachers and “Star” principals Dr. Haberman refers to in his notable research.

Our vision is a future in which all children and youth of America will have a competent teacher and the effective school leaders they deserve. We believe that can be accomplished by having school leaders and educators embrace the research of Martin Haberman.

We hope you enjoy reading our first publication!

Delia Stafford President
Haberman Educational Foundation, Inc.




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