When Teachers Face Themselves

Once again, Martin Haberman has made yet another mark for the teaching profession. In his new book, Teacher Talk, When Teachers Face Themselves, the focus is directed towards solutions for managing disruptive student behaviors while engaging the class in meaningful learning activities. His ongoing research for the last decade has presented multiple declarations regarding the absolute need for understanding the dilemmas that teachers face.

Included in the book are statements and words never forgotten from principals and school leaders that contributed to the dialogue. This dynamic publication is a must read for new as well as experienced educators.

Every teacher faces the constant problem of having to devote time and energy to students whose misbehavior wastes class time. The students who are cooperating have the right to learn and should not have their time and their teacher’s attention constantly focused on those seeking to prevent the class from learning. There is a limit to how much time and energy teachers can spend on disruptors and problem students without wasting the entire class’ time. The teacher’s primary responsibility is to the majority of the students and to maintaining a learning classroom environment for cooperative students to do their work.

In many cases the way teachers talk with students escalates typical classroom misbehaviors into serious disruptions. Teachers need specific help in de-escalating classroom interruptions. This book demonstrates the specific teacher talk that can help teachers cut off potentially time consuming problems with disruptive students and carry on the work of teaching and learning.The book also contains a guide for coaches and mentors to help teachers learn the strategies of de-escalation.




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