On April 24, 2018, Access to This System Will Be Restricted

The Haberman Educational Foundation is proud to announce the release of a new, easy-to-use system to manage Star Teacher and Star Administrator Pre-Screeners.

School and organization administrators will receive instructions on how to access, operate and administer pre-screeners with candidates from app@habermanapp.com. Please add this email address to your address book.

Learn More with Videos and Articles at the Client Knowledgebase

If you have any questions, please email Kim Stafford at kstafford@habermanfoundation.org.

If You Are a Candidate Trying to Take a Pre-Screener - Contact Your Organization

Please contact the school, district or organization that asked you to take a pre-screener, and ask for them to reissue your pre-screener token.

Houston ISD and Buffalo Public School Members - Please Continue to Use this System

Members of HISD and BPS, you will continue to have access to the current Pre-Screener system. The new system is not yet configured to work with your specialized setup.


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