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Haberman Star Superintendent Selection Seminar
The selection of the chief executive officer for a school district is the most important work of any school board. There are many resources out there for school boards to utilize in the selection of superintendents. Regardless of the desired level of board involvement in the selection process, the ultimate responsibility for a successful selection rests on the shoulders of school boards and their ability to make accurate, reliable judgments. For boards wanting a hands-on approach to selection, the Haberman Foundation Star Superintendent Selection Seminar is one tool that can assist you in making that all important decision. This one-day training makes use of the extensive research of the Haberman Foundation. Participants will learn to ask questions that really measure the beliefs of the candidates as they relate to executive leadership. Experienced Foundation facilitators can also assist with organizing and structuring your executive leadership selection process. Participants will develop understanding of twelve critical dimensions of star superintendents, and be able to ask probing questions on each dimension. There will be an opportunity for participants to explore with their Board team their individual personal beliefs about superintendent selection as well. This highly interactive training will challenge your ideas about the qualities of successful superintendents and help your Board go into the selection process united with a single goal in mind:





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