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Teacher Talk Academy
The mission of Teacher Talk Academy (TTA) is to provide solutions to teachers for managing disruptive student behaviors while engaging the class in meaningful learning activities. Teachers often face the issue of having to devote time and energy to students whose behaviors do not align to classroom goals. There is a limit to how much time and energy teachers can spend on disruptors and problem students without wasting the entire class’ time.

Teachers can often find themselves in situations where their students increase rather than decrease certain behaviors. TTA was founded to provide the training teachers need to help de-escalate disruptive student behavior, thus freeing time for what teachers are called to do- TEACH! Additionally, TTA can provide coaches and mentors with the skills needed to train teaching staff in de-escalation techniques. This dynamic training is a must for new teachers as well as experienced educators. Both online and face-to- face trainings are available.




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